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Ministry of Health Malawi

The Mandate of the Ministry of Health is to set the agenda for healthcare in Malawi. The Minister of Health provides the government’s policy direction on health matters. The Secretary for Health is responsible for the overall functioning of the health sector supported by health professionals, technical, administrative, financial, human resource, procurement and other expert staff.

Ministry Headquarters is responsible for developing, reviewing, and enforcing health-related policies for the health sector; spearheading sector reforms; developing and reviewing standards, norms, and management protocols for service delivery and ensuring that these are communicated to lower level institutions; planning and mobilizing health resources for the health sector including allocation and management; advising other ministries, departments and agencies on health related issues; providing technical support for supervision; coordinating research; and monitoring and evaluation.

Ministry of Health Zambia

The Ministry aims to provide effective quality healthcare services close to the family as possible. This ensures equity of access to health service delivery and contributes to the human and socioeconomic development. I also target to attain Sustainable Development Goals on health and other national health priorities.

Ministry of Health Lesotho

The Ministry of Health is committed to promote, prevent, cure, rehabilitate and control disease at all levels with special focus on the primary health level; through well-developed health systems by competent health workers. Thus, contributing to the attainment of improved health status and quality of life with our stakeholders to ensure responsiveness to the health sector clientele needs.

Ministry of Health Zimbabwe


Ministry of Health Eswatini

Health Partner

Africa Healthcare Federation

On 7th October 2016, the leaders of the regional private health federations of Africa – East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF) and West African Private Healthcare Federation (WAPHF), together with the upcoming Northern, Southern and Central regional federations pledged and reiterated their commitment to form the Africa Healthcare Federation during the inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Africa Healthcare Federation is an independent entity which will serve to unify the five regional private health federations, and advocate, mentor, collaborate and unify the private health sector of Africa so as to ensure the scaling up and strengthening of health systems, spurring greater investments as well as development of affordable, accessible and quality healthcare delivery across the continent.

Health Partner

East Africa Healthcare Federation

Early in May, 2012, healthcare umbrella associations of East African countries met in Kampala, Uganda, to adopt the formation of the East African Health Care Federation (EAHF). The Organisations that agreed to form the EAHF were the Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA), the Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF), the Kenya Health Care Federation (KHF), and the Rwanda private health sector. Burundi and Southern Sudan are expected to join the federation in the near future. The adoption took place at a 3 day private health sector conference organised by the Uganda Healthcare Federation.

The conference attracted private healthcare providers and their associations from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. Also attending the conference were high-level government officials from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, led by the heads of Public–Private Partnership in their respective ministries of health. The conference was graced by Uganda’s Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, the Ministry of Health Director General, and the Minister of Health and Minister for the East African Community. Key regional business leaders in healthcare products manufacturing and service delivery, as well as development partners and academicians, participated in the conference, pledging to support the newly born healthcare federation.With the formation of East African Common Market, the East African private health sector has realised the need to form a federation that will form a common platform to present regional private healthcare issues.

Health Partner

Kenya Healthcare Federation

Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) a private sector membership-based f organization and serves as the health sector board of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). Founded in 2004, the Federation has a membership of 75+ organizations that that can be divided in corporate members, professional and institutional associations all active in the Kenyan health sector.
The goal of KHF is to have an enabling environment that supports quality affordable healthcare for all Kenyans. The Federation will achieve this by championing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) for better healthcare by networking, engaging, representing;, and through win – win negotiations. The national Government of Kenya (GoK), County Governments, Faith Based Organization (FBO) networks, Development partners and NGOs in health are all key partners of KHF in trying to achieve its goals.

Association Partner

Federation of African Medical Students’ Association

Established in 1968, the Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations, FAMSA, is an independent, non political Federation of Medical Students’ Associations in Africa.

FAMSA was founded in 1968 as a Nigerian, Ugandan and Ghanian initiative to foster the spirit of friendship and cooperation among African medical students. FAMSA is a project oriented medical student body and is recognised by the African Union and the World Health Organization as the official international forum of African medical students.

The FAMSA vision is to become a strong network of medical students, aware of global health issues and responsive to the current questions facing the medical profession and global health.

Association Partner

Africa Mental Health Foundation Kenya

Africa Mental Health Foundation (AMHF) is a non-governmental organization, based in Kenya dedicated to research in mental and neurological health and, substance use to generate evidence for policy and best practice in the provision of affordable, appropriate, available and accessible mental health services.

AMHF brings together the widest possible spectrum of professionals from both mental health and non-mental health fields to work together under one roof working in research and interventions in mental health.

Association Partner

Kenya Medical Association

The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) was founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1973 under the Company’s Act Cap 486 as a company limited by guarantee. Its mandate was originally concentrated on the welfare of doctors as well as safeguarding of professionalism and quality of healthcare. Over the years though, the Association has grown in stature and scope into a high profile player and partner in many sectors of national development, at policy level as well as in operation of services directly and indirectly related to health.

The Kenya Medical Association is a national association of doctors and dentists and is mandated by its members to promote the quality practice of medicine in Kenya. KMA holds a strategic position in health sector policy by being in membership of national decision-making boards for the practice of medicine and the protection of patients in Kenya. KMA is using its national professional reach as the only sector player where professionals can bring their input for personnel matters.

Association Partner

Midlands State University

Established in 1999, Midlands State University has grown phenomenally, both in terms of the student and staff population as well as in the range of disciplines on offer.

Student enrolment currently stands at 23 900 which is underpinned by a staff compliment of over 1300. Since its inception, the University has produced over 32 757 graduates. Driven by values of sensitivity to gender equality and equity, the needs of the disadvantaged and a pan-African culture, Midlands State University prides itself in being Zimbabwe’s leading university: producing innovative and enterprising graduates who have made a positive impact both locally and globally.

Propelled by a passion for excellence, the University offers degrees in the Arts, Commerce, Education, Law, Natural Resources Management and Agriculture, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Medicine and Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering.

Our unwavering commitment to quality research, teaching and learning has ensured that we remain the University of Choice in various fields of academic endeavour.

Association Partner

Gift Global Initiative

GIFT is a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to protect children from any risk of physical and emotional abuse, exploitation, drugs, poverty, violence and neglect. We are a completely volunteer organization and all donations, in kind & monetary are fully applied to the specific program or event. GIFT is non-partisan and its cooperation is free of discrimination. GIFT believes in Prevention, Protection and Development of children, to help meet the basic needs of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. In the U.S. and around the world, we work every day to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When you support GIFT, you can be sure you’re joining a community that believes that development of children’s rights is integral to the future of human progress.

Association Partner

Global Chamber of Business Leaders

Association Partner

Global Youth Mental Health Forum

Association Partner

Peacful Mind Foundation

We Support

Save the Children

Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world. Recognized for our commitment to accountability, innovation and collaboration, our work takes us into the heart of communities, where we help children and families help themselves. We work with other organizations, governments, non-profits and a variety of local partners while maintaining our own independence without political agenda or religious orientation.

When disaster strikes around the world, Save the Children is there to save lives with food, medical care and education and remains to help communities rebuild through long-term recovery programs. As quickly and as effectively as Save the Children responds to tsunamis and civil conflict, it works to resolve the ongoing struggles children face every day — poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease — and replaces them with hope for the future.

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